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    Nebbiolo wine

    It is certainly the most prestigious Italian vine, even if very difficult to manage. The first to fully believe in the potential of Nebbiolo was Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour who defined it: the King of wines, the wine of Kings. In fact, in the Langa the most prestigious results are obtained with its use, in purity, obtaining Barolo and Barbaresco, but in Piedmont there are many labels made with this extraordinary grape. In Valtellina we find it with a different name, Chiavennasca, with which all the excellent wines of the area are produced. For many, its name derives from the fact that it is a grape that is harvested in late October, when the vineyards are enveloped in the morning mists, in fact. The organoleptic characteristics are typical: an elegant transparency and chromatic notes that rapidly turn towards brick and garnet; on the palate, the tannin is well present, but with great finesse and elegance, a robust and sharp wine. And it is precisely the tannin that guarantees the longevity of the wine produced from this grape: in some cases, extraordinary labels can still be tasted after 40 or 50 years!

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    Nebbiolo wines of excellence

    Nebbiolo is probably the most famous vine in all of Piedmont, but it is also present in other areas, including Lombardy and Abruzzo. Thanks to its grapes, a ruby red wine is obtained which is balsamic and floral on the palate.

    Nebbiolo wine: the best for sale

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