Mezcal is a brandy born from the fermentation and distillation of the juice of the agaves grown within the 7 states authorized by law. There are numerous varieties of mezcal: espadin, tobalà, tobaziche, cenizo, papalometl. The 100% agave mezcals are distinguished from the mixed ones, made from at least 80% agave juice. These two categories must necessarily be bottled in Mexico in order to benefit from the Mezcal appellation. Its aroma and taste are more rustic and rough than Tequila , but they are decidedly characteristic. Some productions are also characterized by obvious production defects which, however, must be seen as a value in the name of typicality. The particularity of the distillate is the presence at the bottom of the bottle, drowned in alcohol, of the caterpillar , called gusano , which "lives" inside the bottle. This custom is dictated more for a "tourist" use than for a real tradition of the producers, however it is also true that in Mexico it is a great honor to drink the last glass, while chewing the larva, as it is popular belief that this rite give sexual vigor. The tradition of adding gusano is relatively recent and dates back to the 1940s: after this date, its presence has indelibly characterized the production of mezcal.

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