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Pinot Bianco

It is the translation from the French Pinot Blanc , a vine coming from Burgundy, but little used at home. It is at ease with cold climates and this is why it has great success in Northern Italy, especially in Trentino-Alto Adige . In Franciacorta it is part of the classic blend of the famous sparkling wine. For a long time it was confused with Chardonnay, but today these doubts are definitely cleared up. Thanks to its resistance to the cold climate, it has found its second land of choice in Alsace, where it is combined with the great noble grapes of the region: riesling, gewurztraminer and pinot gris. In Italy, it was imported for the first time in Piedmont, where, however, its cultivation was soon abandoned. Even if not long-lived and of great olfactory intensity, the wine made with Pinot Blanc has a good structure and good body. Sometimes it is also made with fermentation in wooden barrels, obtaining a deep, intense, full and round wine. Pinot Blanc can give perfumed, acidic and very elegant wines. They may not have the mysterious allure and depth of Pinot Gris, but they make up for it impeccably with pleasantness and great drinkability.

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