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    In addition to fine wines, sparkling wines and champagne , you can also buy excellent distillates in our online shop. As the word reminds us, distillate is a product obtained from the distillation (that is from the separation, through heat, of alcohol from other substances) of various raw materials ranging from cereals to fruit. It is good to immediately remember that the distillate is not a liqueur ; the latter is always an alcoholic beverage, like distillate, but obtained by mixing alcohol with other ingredients such as sugar, flavourings, herbs, seeds, flowers, fruit, roots, etc. In this section you will find a wide selection of liqueurs and distillates; best to sip after a meal or to unwind from time to time.

    What are distillates? Here's everything you need to know

    Let's see the main distillates and the raw materials from which they are obtained. Whiskey derives from the distillation of cereals (almost always barley) previously transformed into malt. Rum , Ron or Rhum derives from the distillation of sugar cane (called agricultural rum); otherwise the sugar cane molasses is distilled (for industrial production). Gin , on the other hand, is produced from the distillation of barley and wheat, mixed with herbs (the Botanicals), first of all juniper berries. Vodka instead derives from the distillation of a mix of cereals and potatoes. The famous Grappa derives from the distillation of grape skins after pressing (pomace), while brandy, often confused with grappa, is the distillation of grape must. Cognac is a distillate of wine, then aged in wooden barrels, like the corresponding Italian Brandy and similar to Armagnac which however is produced in a different area of France and with a particular distillation process. Tequila is a distillate obtained from the juice of the blue agave fruit, while Mezcal is a Mexican distillate obtained from the juice of the agave. Finally, among the most famous distillates we find the French Calvados which is obtained from the distillation of apple cider. Here is the very variegated world of distillates: stories of peoples, traditions, areas of the world that are completely different from each other, but united by this ancient and noble art of man.

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    French distillates and more: look for the best

    Have you really craved Cognac and are you looking for the right bottle to drink in moments of relaxation? Or are you looking for the best that South America offers in terms of rum? In this section of Vinopuro you will be able to find the best liqueurs and distillates by selecting them on the basis of origin . Discover our offer.

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