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Kerner is a vine that gives its name to the homonymous white wine and would probably be included in the PIWI vine family, as it comes from the botanical crossing of the Schiava grape with the Rhine Riesling, a graft made in Germany almost 100 years ago. In this way an aromatic wine is made, very fragrant and rich in acidity; this characteristic allows the kerner to be a certainly long-lived wine. It is a vine particularly suited to mountain viticulture, it can also be grown above 800/900 meters of altitude and, due to its characteristics, it is particularly successful in making sparkling wines with the Charmat method. In Italy it is present in Alto Adige, especially in the Isarco Valley, where it obtained the Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC) in 1993. It is also very successful in countries with rather harsh climates such as Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The kerner has great structure, freshness and minerality and is very similar in organoleptic properties to Riesling. Unlike the latter, it has lower acidity and greater body and structure. The color is a straw yellow with greenish reflections, its aromas are varied and intense, with light spicy notes and fruity and floral hints. On the palate it is fresh and sapid, balanced and with a good structure. It is undoubtedly one of the white wines of Alto Adige most likely to grow in terms of appreciation.

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