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    Sparkling Rosé

    It should immediately be said that bubbles connoisseurs generally have a strong preference for Rosé sparkling wines and, in particular, for Rosé Champagne. On the contrary, Rosé wines and sparkling wines did not have the notoriety and attention they deserve until a few years ago, probably this is due to past events that occurred in the world of wine, the fact is that the grapes that make up this category of sparkling wines are truly extraordinary! We are mainly talking about Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, but not only. Rosé sparkling wines are produced with both sparkling making methods, i.e. with the Charmat method (or Martinotti) and with the Classic method (or Champenoise) and, net of the significant differences that the two procedures involve, the quality of the bubbles produced is always decidedly high. Rosé sparkling wines have an edge over the others: they enchant the eyes with their colour, with nuances ranging from salmon pink, peach, face powder, onion skin and tickle the nose with very floral and red fruit aromas. delicate, but it is above all on the palate that they stand out, more structured and full-bodied than the "white" ones. We add that it would be a real shame to relegate them to just the role of aperitif: rosés are the most versatile of sparkling wines and are also satisfying throughout the meal, risking particular combinations such as pan-fried duck breast or baked guinea fowl.

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