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Year of foundation: 1843
Address: 5, rue Coquebert - 51100 Reims

The Maison Krug was founded in Paris in 1843 by the German Joseph Krug, a young man animated by the dream of leaving his mark on the world of Champagne.
Joseph had gained experience first as a merchant and then as a partner at Jacquesson, the most renowned Champagne producing house of the time. He defied many conventions to turn his vision into reality, and his audacity was amply rewarded. The Maison Krug is now one of the most renowned and famous Maisons de Champagne in the world.

It is currently part of the LVHM group and is led by Oliver Krug. Krug has remained a Maison de Champagne with a human dimension, which preserves its savoir-faire and defends its unrivaled quality by choosing to offer a limited number of bottles. By overturning conventions and establishing his own rules, Krug reveals all the exuberance and expression of his Champagnes. The creation of Krug Champagnes comes from a long, scrupulous and very human process, a true art.

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