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Region: Trentino (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 1902
Hectares of vineyards: 120
Annual production: 4.700.000
Winemaker: Mauro Lunelli, Ruben Laurentis
Address: Via del Ponte di Ravina 15, 38121 - Trento (TN)

The history of Classic Italian Method sparkling wine is inextricably linked to the precious work of Giulio Ferrari who at the beginning of the last century decided to give life to his passion, that of producing sparkling wines in his land of origin: Trentino. In 1952, the company was taken over by Bruno Lunelli who, after a long oenological internship in France, undertook a visionary and innovative path and, for this reason, certainly not without risks, starting from meticulous work in the vineyard and continuing in the cellar. application of the sparkling winemaking method par excellence, namely the Champenoise (or Classic) method. After several years, we can say that the Ferrari winery has fully succeeded in its aim: to become one of the symbols of Made in Italy in the wine sector and produce bubbles known and appreciated throughout the world. The splendid success that the company has achieved over the years is today carried forward by the third generation of the family. In its own vineyards, the Ferrari winery has been able to grow grapes of the highest quality, applying viticulture with a low environmental impact, close to the organic regime. The historic home of Cantine Ferrari is Villa Margon, a sumptuous residence from the 1500s, a holiday destination for nobles and royalty, as well as the home of bishops from all over the world during the Council of Trent in 1545. Finely restored and brought to its former glory by the family Lunelli, today is an unmissable stop on the route that the Ferrari Cellars offer to their guests, a true journey into art. Trento Doc and Ferrari wines are closely linked names: Maximum, Perlè and Riserva Giulio Ferrari are just three of the great labels produced by this winery, all united by the constant search for quality bubbles. The company is also very active in marketing and has been present for years in the most prestigious international motor racing circuits, such as Formula One and MotoGP, as main sponsor: here is the opportunity to represent the prestigious Made In Italy in the most major global sporting events.

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