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    In this section of our online wine shop we present the best red wines . It is very probable that the first wine in history was really red, born by chance from the spontaneous fermentation of bunches of (red) grapes collected in terracotta containers. And we are referring to several thousand years ago… Today the production of red wine is obviously spread all over the world: from the famous Italian Tuscan and Piedmontese wines (such as the legendary Brunello di Montalcino and Barolo), to the prestigious French Bordeaux wines (example, Margaux Aoc) and Burgundy reds (with Pinot Noir, “le roi”); from Californian wines (with Zinfandel) to South American ones, from Australian New World wines (for example, the famous Syrah) to South Africans (the famous Pinotage), and many others.'s selection includes famous companies and small family-run wineries, award-winning wines and real "gems" produced in a few numbered bottles: all with a common thread, quality and passion. And then…bon voyage! Discover on our website also the wide selection of white , rosé and sparkling wines.

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    Are you looking for a fine red wine? The best of Vinopuro

    Are you looking for the best of the best wineries? At Vinopuro you will be able to find what you are looking for by selecting the bottles thanks to the filters that will show you the red wine based on the producers and the awards that establish which are the best fine red wines .

    Italian or French red wine? Discover reds from all over the world

    On this page you will find DOC red wines from all over the world: not only will you be able to choose among the best Italian red wines , from all regions, from Tuscany, to Veneto, up to Piedmont and Puglia, but also from other countries. From the highly prized French red wines, passing through the Spanish, up to overseas wines such as Californian ones.

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