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Region: Champagne region (France)
Year of foundation: 2008
Hectares of vineyards: 8
Annual production: 80,000 bottles
Winemaker: Benoît Marguet, Hervé Jestin
Address: 1, Place Barancourt - 51150 Ambonnay (Francia)

In one of the most suitable areas of the Champagne region, namely Ambonnay, the famous Grand Cru of the Montagne de Reims, we find a historic family of small winemakers, producers of Champagne since 1870: this is the Marguet family. After over a century of passion, dedication and love for his land, in 2008 the young BenoÎt Marguet, representative of the fifth generation of the family, decided to create his own production company, his own cellar, starting from 8 hectares of splendidly exposed vineyards, divided between Ambonnay and Bouzy, among the best Grand Crus of Champagne. Despite his young age, BenoÎt Marguet is a vigneron with great experience and, above all, with a great family DNA: he makes a decisive, ambitious and visionary choice of field: he embraces philosophy and therefore biodynamic agriculture; BenoÎt belongs to that new generation of small producers who have an unconventional and completely green style; for this reason it has attracted the attention of the most expert and demanding enthusiasts and professionals. Starting from the land, BenoÎt has decided that work in the vineyard must be carried out exclusively with two horses and, for treatments, only natural preparations are allowed, respecting biodynamic agriculture and aromatherapy. Even in the cellar, human intervention is aimed at a minimum: the vinifications are carried out with only indigenous yeasts in wooden barrels, Bordeaux barriques and oak vats, with long periods on the fine lees and minimal addition of sulphites. The Marguet maison produces very few bottles a year, around 80,000 and can therefore be considered a precious artisanal production. Marguet's Champagnes are all made with the extra-brut dosage, i.e. very dry to the taste, i.e. with very few grams of added sugar; this is to express the reference terroir in the purest and clearest way possible.

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