Despite the totally mountainous territory and the very particular national sport (skiing!), Austria is an excellent and qualified producer of wines, which can boast centuries of history and experience. It features around 25 indigenous grape varieties, the most common of which is Grüner Veltliner , a white grape grown in areas of Lower Austria and the Vienna region. The wine production of Austria is mainly dedicated to white wines and sweet wines , however excellent red wines are also produced in the country. Other white grapes used are Furmint , Chardonnay (known in Styria under the name of Morillon), Muskateller (White Muscat), Neuburger , Pinot Blanc (here known as Weissburgunder ), Pinot Gris (here known as Rülander ) , and the Traminer . Among the red berried grapes are cultivated Blauburgunder (Pinot Noir), Blaufränkisch , Cabernet Sauvignon , St. Laurent and Zweigelt . A curiosity: the wine laws that regulate the Austrian quality system are to be considered among the strictest and most severe of any other European country. Prädikatswein represents the highest level of the quality system for Austrian wines and is practically reserved for sweet and fortified wines only; includes these categories, known to enthusiasts all over the world for their precision in detail and also for their difficulty in reading (!): Spätlese , Auslese , Beerenauslese , Eiswein , Trockenbeerenauslese . A production of quality wine, expressed in small quantities, from small cellars. A very interesting discovery, also in terms of prices!

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