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It is from a county of the state of Kentucky that bourbon whiskey , the American whiskey, takes its name. It can be distilled throughout the United States, however its production takes place, in fact, in 6 states and more precisely: Kentucky, California , Illinois, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Georgia. Naturally, for historical reasons, it is Kentucky that has the most representative production. To produce bourbon, a typical blend of cereals is used which is generally composed of 70% corn and the remainder is given by wheat and/or rye, and malted barley. This mixture is called mash and is fermented through a process in which very pure demineralised water and an infusion rich in yeasts from previous fermentations are added to the mixture. Once fermentation is complete, distillation takes place, usually in a continuous cycle with a column alembic, giving life to a transparent distillate which, with permanence in barrels, will acquire a more or less intense natural color depending on the years of aging.

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