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    Pinot Nero

    The historical origins of the Pinot noir vine, considered one of the greatest in the world, are not certain, but Burgundy is certainly its elective homeland: from here the most prestigious labels on the planet are born. He is also nicknamed Le Roi, this says a lot. It is recognizable on an organoleptic level: the color is ruby when young, but tends towards garnet as it ages. It is transparent, not too dense, delicate. On the nose, Pinot Noir is the quintessence of elegance and finesse, perfumed, ethereal, with fruity notes of small forest berries. In the mouth, it is not particularly structured, delicately tannic and is characterized by a marked acidity. It should be remembered that it is still considered an "international vine", i.e. its production extends practically all over the world, thanks to its versatility and ability to adapt. In Champagne , vinified in white or rosé, it gives extraordinary results. In Italy, the area of choice is undoubtedly Alto Adige , even if we can discover some very interesting labels also in Oltrepò Pavese. In its best versions, especially coming from Burgundy, Le Roi, the king of elegance, has an important longevity.

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    P inot noir wine: characteristics

    Pinot noir is one of the most recognizable grapes, already from the shape and compactness of the short and cylindrical bunch, as well as from the almost perfect sphere-shaped berries, with an unmistakable blue and black colour. The wine deriving from this grape has a ruby red color with a flavor that is fruity on the palate, with a tannic body.

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