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Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon
Year of foundation: 1936
Hectares of vineyards: 600
Annual production: 5000000 bottles
Winemaker: Richard Geoffroy
Address: 20 Avenue de Champagne, 51200 Épernay (Francia)

Dom Pérignon: it is the first name that comes to mind when you think of champagne , this is beyond doubt. And it immediately brings to mind luxury, elegance, social events, in short, something truly exclusive and prestigious. This is the magic that the French have managed to create around this word, this concept, this extraordinary wine, over the centuries. And in fact the history of Dom Perignon champagne, in some way, coincides with the history of champagne itself, as a sparkling wine, and even begins at the end of the 1600s, or at least so one of the legends says, when the Benedictine monk Pierre Pérignon discovered a technique which allows you to transform still wine into nectar with bubbles. The monk, responsible for the supplies and vineyards of the abbey of Saint-Pierre d'Hautvillers, therefore in the Champagne region, uses this technique to create what we could define as the first champagne ever. Centuries pass, techniques are perfected and in the history of this legendary wine another very famous figure appears at the time in the French wine scene: Robert Jean de Vogue, then head of the already renowned Moët & Chandon maison: he certainly an incredible intuition, that is, using the best wine reserves in the cellar to create extraordinary champagnes. Thus, in 1936, a unique cuvée was born, which inaugurated the Dom Pérignon label, named after the famous ancestor, and which presented itself as the most prestigious champagne in the world. Since then this name has become a brand in its own right in the prestigious production of the Moët & Chandon maison. Dom Perignon is therefore produced exclusively in the years that present grapes of an extraordinary level of quality, furthermore this champagne only uses grapes from vineyards located in the Grand Cru areas of Champagne, the best. We are in the municipalities of Hautvillers, Ay, Cramant and Verzenay. The grapes used are Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, of which only the best bunches are selected. To be put on sale, a bottle of Dom Perignon takes at least 8 years of processing, during which the ancient "champenoise" method is followed, in a workmanlike manner, with refermentation in the bottle and, above all, which involves a very long stop of aging on the yeasts (which always lasts several years). The result, today, is represented by a prestigious line of exclusive vintage champagnes, multiple labels under the Dom Perignon name, with different and very long refinements, even in the highly sought after Rosè version. If you are looking for the best Dom Perignon champagnes you will find them on offer on Vinopuro at the best price.

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