Armagnac , like Cognac, is among the oldest wine distillates in France. The wines used to produce this distillate are made in clearly defined areas: Gers , Landes , Lot and Garonne , located in southwestern France. The production area of Armagnac is divided into 3 regions: Bas Armagnac , Ténarèze and Haut Armagnac . According to French law, there are 3 classifications relating to the aging of Armagnac: “Trois Etolies” or “VS” (with at least one year of aging); “VSOP” or “Reserve” (with at least 4 years of aging); “Extra” - “Napoleon” - “XO” - “Vielle Reserve” (over 5 years of ageing). It is interesting to know that the "doc" of this brandy was created in 1909, to protect it from the recurring imitations of the time and to differentiate it from Cognac: The important differences with Cognac are substantially related to the production area (more than 200 km apart), the type of grapes used for the wine to be distilled, the type of alembic used, the barrels for aging the 2 distillates and also the fact that Cognac is also produced by large industries, while Armagnac remains an artisanal product. Today Armagnac is sold in 130 countries around the world.

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