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White and black

“White from black grapes”, from the white color of the wine obtained from black berried grapes. Here is the meaning. The latter are vinified "in white", i.e. the black skins are immediately separated from the must, thus preventing the liquid from turning red. And it is said that Dom Perignon began to produce Champagne from Pinot Noir grapes (Pinot Noir). The expression “Blanc de Noirs” has entered the wine vocabulary of Champagne precisely to indicate a “white” wine obtained from black berried grapes, mainly from Pinot Noir or Pinot Meunier grapes. A pun used today to describe not only Champagne made from black grapes but, more generally, any sparkling wine made only from black grapes. The most relevant aspect to underline is the sensory one: these are wines that have a more important structure and greater complexity than other sparkling wines, in addition to the classic hints of red fruit typical of Pinot Noir, the grape most used for the production of these wines. The "Blanc de Noir" is therefore a sparkling wine for the whole meal, perfect with fish-based dishes, but also with white meats or cold cuts and cheeses.

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