Tequila (in the masculine) is one of the distillates of Agave Azul and we can define it as the very spirit of Mexico: its origin is inextricably intertwined with the history of the Aztec populations, who inhabited the country before the arrival of the conquistadors. There is a rigorous and lengthy process for manufacturing Agave which has been refined over the centuries and which today leads to about 3,000 producers throughout Mexico . There are two acronyms to check on the label, to ensure the quality of the product: CRT which stands for "Consejo Regulador de Tequila" and certifies that the company is registered in the consortium of Tequila producers and NOM , "Normas Oficiales Mexicana" means that the company produces according to the disciplinary approved by the Council in 1974. The types of aging are: Blanco or Plata and describe a product that rests for 60 days in steel tanks large up to 20,000 liters or for 59 days in wooden barrels; Joven , Joven abocado , gold , oro : products of this type are not aged and the pale straw yellow or golden color is obtained with the addition of caramel which gives greater softness to the distillate; Reposado : remains in oak vats for at least three months; Anejo / Extra anejo the product remains in barrels with variable capacities of 200 or 600 liters for at least one year (12 months), as per regulation, but the majority of distilleries age the best tequilas for at least four, five years. The premium tops remain in wood for up to 8 years, losing with the natural evaporation of the alcohol, poetically called the " angels' share ", even 30% of the initial content and above all the characteristic herbaceous acetic note, in favor of softness and roundness of taste.

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