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Region: South Tyrol (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 1976
Hectares of vineyards: 11
Annual production: 95,000 bottles
Winemaker: Luis Ochsenreiter
Address: Loc. Poco 30 - 39040 Salorno (BZ)

Cantina Haderburg was founded in 1976 by Alois Ochsenreiter, who at the time grew grapes and apples, but who had the intuition to produce certain types of grapes in the Salorno area, thus making it a very suitable area for viticulture. He thus became a pioneer of South Tyrolean sparkling wine, particularly using the classic method. The purchase of the Hausmannhof farm in 1985 ensured him the possibility of exploiting some of the most suitable vineyards in the region for the production of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, with which to produce excellent sparkling wines. Today Alois manages this estate with the same passion and enthusiasm as in his early days, helped by his wife Christine and his children Hannes, a winemaker, and Erika, an agronomist. The activities of the Haderburg winery are concentrated in the Hausmannhof farm and in the vineyards that surround it, amphitheatrically: a true monument to sparkling wine which, located in an extraordinary natural context, at around 400 meters above sea level on very steep slopes, dominates the below Val d'Adige. Other vineyards are located in the Isarco Valley, at higher altitudes, between 620 and 700 meters above sea level, in mountain territories considered to lead to the expression of "heroic viticulture", if only one imagines the work and obstacles connected to the cultivation of lives in mountainous areas. In the vineyard, Alois has embraced the principles of biodynamic agriculture for more than 10 years with the idea of maintaining, thanks to the help of biodynamic preparations, a natural balance between heaven, earth and man. A choice made out of conviction and certainly not out of fashion. In the cellar, the sparkling wines are produced with refermentation in the bottle, as required by the Classic Method, and with long refinements on the yeasts, i.e. between 24 and 96 months! The wines (the pinot noir is extraordinary) and sparkling wines from Haderburg reflect the values of balance, integrity and expression of the territory on which the work of the Ochsenreiter family has been based for over 40 years. The national and international recognitions and the great quality of the wines produced each year have made Haderburg a great name in wine in Alto Adige.

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