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    Spain has a millenary wine tradition, with dozens and dozens of native vines scattered throughout the territory. It is mainly known for its red wines and for the Rioja region, certainly the most famous with the Tempranillo grape, even if many vines are grown and produced (over 400) with excellent results. Furthermore, we cannot forget the famous Sherry produced in Andalusia and the Sangria, a typical Spanish drink, known and appreciated all over the world. Spain is a very important country from a wine point of view, being the country with the largest vineyard area in the world (more than 1.17 million hectares) and the third in terms of quantity produced (after France and Italy). “Modern” Spanish wine was born around the 1950s, with the foundation of large cooperative wineries to satisfy the enormous domestic market; at the same time, an international market for generic bulk wines was born. Gradually, in the following years, a good part of the production moved with the objective of quality. Even if today the size of the cellars is in any case greater on average than in Italy and, numerically, there are much fewer producers, the tendency to produce less (and decidedly better) wine has now begun. In the most famous regions there are large and spectacular cellars, which often have futuristic architecture and very advanced production technology. Spain is therefore a wine reality absolutely projected towards the future, certainly very varied and, for this reason, extremely interesting and intriguing.

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