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    In this section of our online wine shop we present the best sparkling wines . Historically, the period of their birth is controversial: it is most likely in the Champagne region, in France, that it was discovered by chance, at the end of the 1600s (with the Benedictine monk Dom Perignon) that alcoholic fermentation also produces carbon dioxide, i.e. bubbles , and that this phenomenon must be managed in the best possible way. In fact, this element is initially a problem, but with time and experience, 2 alternative methods will be perfected which can be used today to make a wine sparkling: the Classic or Champenoise method ( Champagne , Franciacorta DOCG , Trento DOC and many others), which is longer and more elaborate, and the Martinotti or Charmat method ( Prosecco , Asti Spumante DOCG and many others), a shorter and simpler process. The fundamental difference is represented by the fact that in the first method the creation of the bubble takes place in every single bottle, while in the second it takes place, more massively, in large autoclaves of thousands of litres. The bubbles, for their "explosive" and joyful nature, evoke moments of joy, party, celebration; for these happy occasions we therefore have available a truly wide range of carefully selected proposals from all over the world and which use many different grape varieties: one for every occasion!

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    Brut sparkling wine and more: discover the offer

    If you are a lover of more decisive tastes, you can have a good sparkling brut wine for your toast, while if you like sweeter flavours, you will be able to find what you are looking for. When we talk about brut we are referring to a specific scale that denotes the sweetness of sparkling wines: "brut" is the third last class of the scale, followed by extra brut and pas dose. Conversely, on the other hand, we go up towards extra dry, dry, demi sec, sweet. In this section of Vinopuro you can find every type of sparkling wine according to your taste.

    Brut sparkling wine: convenient price and special offers

    Are you looking for a sparkling wine at really affordable prices? Vinopuro offers you many special offers to buy quality wines at a truly affordable cost. Simply select based on price or based on promotions. The site offers from fine sparkling wines to cheaper but always quality ones.

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