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    The distant origins of the Syrah vine are uncertain (Persia, Albania...), but today it is certainly one of the so-called "international" vine varieties (together with Merlot, Cabernet, Pinot, etc.), because it is exported from France, the country of choice, and cultivated with great success all over the world, especially in Australia, South Africa and California. Syrah loves the sun and in fact in Italy it finds great success especially in Sicily and Tuscany, precisely in the Cortona area. It must be said that the cultivation of Syrah is more problematic than that of other French vines (water stress and the tendency to overripe) and the quality of the wine considerably deteriorates if the yields are too high, or if massive and therefore commercial cultivation principles are implemented . From a sensory point of view, Syrah has a ruby red color with violet reflections, rich in fruity notes, with notes of blackcurrant, blackberry and plum, with smoky and spicy tones, with balanced tannins. Curiosity: Syrah can also be found under the name of Shiraz, often in this case the origin is South African or Australian. Furthermore, this grape is increasingly used in combination with others to make the prestigious Supertuscans.

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