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The Arneis vine has been cultivated in the Roero area (adjacent to the Langhe Albesi) since the 1400s and for centuries has been synonymous with white wine together with Moscato. A white grape in the land of the prestigious red grapes, such as Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto (and not only). That's why Arneis was dying out a few decades ago. Then the stubborn and painstaking work of some producers, especially in the Roero area, meant that this vine was considered, valued and appreciated in all its splendour. Some now even define it as "Barolo Bianco" (especially if the grapes come from the area of the Tanaro river) and in fact its structure, its aroma and its elegance make it a wine of great breed. It is a difficult vine to grow, it ripens late and has low acidity, so it is not so easy to find the right moment of ripeness during the harvest. Its sensory characteristics are the floral note and delicate aromas, which contrast with a relatively full body and the other more fruity notes, typically pear and apricot, rounded off with a light nutty note, very typical.

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