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Pascal Franck

Pascal Franck
Region: Champagne region (France)
Year of foundation: 1906
Hectares of vineyards: 7
Annual production: 30,000 bottles
Winemaker: Franck Pascal
Address: Rue Valetine-Régnier 1bis - 51700 Baslieux sous Chatillon

Franck Pascal's estate has a very long history and tradition: it was founded in 1906 and, from generation to generation, has constantly evolved to develop the best grape cultivation methods in the most natural way possible. The lands of this large estate today adopt very innovative natural, energetic and spiritual winemaking methods, according to the canons of biodynamic agriculture. Over time, a profound sensitivity has developed for nature, the human body and energy treatments which are then also carried out in the vineyards. And there is widespread awareness that we know these methods play a critical role in health and well-being. hence the mission to create real champagnes that reflect the identity of the territory. It is nature that guides the transformation process: this is the mission that Franck Pascal set himself on a daily basis in the production of his champagnes. Thus, the 7 hectares of the estate are cultivated with a biodynamic method, respectful of nature and the entire production environment, in the cellar. After adopting organic farming in 2000, Ecocert organic certification was obtained in 2004. Cellar practices considered invasive such as clarification, refrigeration and filtration are not carried out for these splendid champagnes! Subsequently, in 2003, Franck Pascal, co-owner of the estate, also adopted biodynamic cultivation methods. He obtained the Biodyvin certification in 2005 and, with his wife Isabelle, they began producing the first biodynamic certified champagnes in 2008. Unique, original, elegant champagnes with a strong personality, respectful of natural values, an expression of a strongly suited territory.

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