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Region: Lombardy (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 1977
Hectares of vineyards: 208
Annual production: 1,300,000 bottles
Winemaker: Mattia Vezzola
Address: Via Bellevista 5, 25030 - Erbusco (BS)

It was the early 1970s and the building contractor Vittorio Moretti probably never would have thought that within a few years his name would be inextricably linked to the most glorious history of Italian sparkling wine and viticulture. It all started almost as a joke, to "escape the routine", as Moretti himself has stated several times. In reality, today Bellavista is one of the most well-known, appreciated and prestigious producers of Franciacorta and an absolute protagonist of Italian sparkling wine excellence in the world. Futurist visions, impressive qualitative consistency and absolute quality as a daily working method are the three cornerstones on which the founder modeled the path of this great Italian brand in the world. Fashion, style, trend, elegance and high quality are combined in bottles with a unique and captivating design that reflects the modern and unmistakable style of Italian bubbles.
Today the company is led by his daughter Francesca Moretti, a worthy heir to her father's entrepreneurial skills, with a vision aimed at the future, but with her feet firmly anchored in tradition. Naturally everything comes from the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vineyards, with small plots reserved for Pinot Bianco, which extend for over 200 hectares from the municipality of Erbusco, the company's headquarters, to the surrounding areas.
The range of labels has seen a recent graphic renewal focusing on inspiring elements such as earth, air, color and matter; this testifies to the desire for continuous renewal, the desire to get back into the game, to never stop so as not to abandon the role of leader in the world of Italian sparkling wines produced with the Classic Method.
Bellavista sparkling wines are real gems of Franciacorta, starting from the most famous and widespread labels, such as Alma, up to the most complex and precious expressions, represented by all the vintages. A line of still white wines based on Chardonnay was also created with great success. All these labels are characterized by a unique, original and distinctive style, played on aromatic sensations of impeccable finesse and balance. The “Vittorio Moretti” Reserve, a champion of class, richness and complexity, represents the expressive and qualitative pinnacle of this excellent production, an immediate reference to the highest expression of a territory that has always been dedicated to excellent wine production.

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