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Le Mesnil

Le Mesnil
Region: Champagne region (France)
Year of foundation: 1937
Hectares of vineyards: 310
Annual production: 6.500.000
Winemaker: Gilles Marguet,
Address: 19 rue Charpentier Laurain 51190 LE MESNIL SUR OGER

This is a cooperative winery that today has 667 associated winemakers (vignerons), with a total area of vineyard land of approximately 310 hectares and a cellar with a production capacity of approximately 6.5 million bottles. The French Maison was founded, in a historically difficult moment for the country's economy, i.e. shortly before the Second World War, by some ambitious vignerons who purchased land and buildings from the historic Maison Henriot, in the prestigious municipality of Le Mesnil-sur-Oger . These vineyards enjoy a truly excellent terroir, 100% of the vineyards are classified as "Grand Cru", the top classification for the best champagnes . We are in the heart of the prestigious "Côte des Blancs", so called due to the omnipresence of the superb Chardonnay. The quality of the vineyards derives above all from the fact that they are exposed to the east. The soils are overlying a base layer of chalk, so they enjoy excellent water qualities thus allowing the Chardonnay grape to reach its full potential. The cellar, at the beginning, had minimal equipment: a Marmonier press and a few tanks which allowed it to survive the war without much damage. Subsequently, in addition to the production of its own Champagne, the Maison vinifies grapes on behalf of other winemakers. Step by step the cooperative expands, counting more and more members, therefore land and making important investments in new premises and equipment. The period 2000-2014 sees an entire phase of renovation and modernization of the cellars in order to have cutting-edge technologies, increase production and quality.
Today the cooperative is led by Gilles Marguet and produces splendid Chardonnay-based Grand Cru champagnes, true expressions of one of the most suitable territories for the production of champagne.

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