Ligurian wines 

    The Ligurian territory is truly particular and this element has enormously influenced the winemaking development of the region which, like most of the Italian territory, has very ancient origins. The vineyards, exposed to the sea breeze and often cultivated on steep cliffs that slope towards the sea, produce wines with a very particular "salinity", hardly present in wines produced elsewhere. The terraces and steep slopes, often without access roads, as in the area of the "Cinque Terre" (where an extraordinary and extremely rare wine is produced, the Sciacchetrà) have often caused Ligurian viticulture to be defined as "heroic". The most important white grape variety in Liguria is certainly Vermentino, while the black one is Rossese, a variety that recalls Nebbiolo. The other white grapes grown in Liguria are Pigato, Bosco and Albarola, while the black berried ones are Ormeasco (actually the Piedmontese Dolcetto in the Ligurian version) and Barbera. Ciliegiolo is instead widespread in the central and eastern areas of the region. In Liguria, therefore, we are witnessing an extraordinary and varied meeting of cultures, territories, wines and even culinary traditions that represent the true wealth of the region.

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