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    Sweet wines 

    We could not fail to dedicate a section of our online wine shop to the best sweet wines . This typology has also existed since time immemorial, certainly for thousands of years; in the last decades of the last century it had certainly suffered a decrease in consideration and interest on the part of consumers (due, in part, to the low quality of the sweet wines offered on the market) which, fortunately, saw a turnaround in the new millennium precisely thanks to the increase in the quality of the proposed labels, where the sweet-sweet, the sickening give way to the finesse, the elegance and the fragrance of the aromas. First of all, we must remember that this category does not include only dessert wines, but also those Italian and non-Italian wines, still or sparkling, which have a sugar content greater than 45 g/lt (we are talking about the sugar left over as a residue of alcoholic fermentation). . Intensity, richness and enjoyment are therefore the distinctive words for these wines, both on an olfactory level and on a gustatory level which, rightly so, should be enjoyed at the end of a meal (alone or with dessert) or, according to the most recent guidelines, with intriguing pairings with seasoned or blue cheeses. Many types, of course: from Passiti Muffati (primarily French Sauternes) to Austrian or Canadian Ice Wines, from desserts to sparkling wines (Moscato, Brachetto, etc.) to sparkling wines (Asti Spumante docg, Vernaccia di Serrapetrona docg, etc). A very rich and enjoyable selection to end a meal or a day in the best way!

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    Sweet red wines and more: a bottle for every taste

    The variety of the selection on our site is really wide and you can choose from a wide selection of red wines with a strong taste, but also many sweet white wines , to be enjoyed and served at the end of a meal or to sip for pleasant moments. The sweet wine you are looking for from Moscato d'Asti or Pantelleria, Passito and much, much more.

    The best Italian and foreign sweet wines: quality from all over the world

    Our country is full of proposals and on our site you will be able to find every Italian sweet wine region by region : from Nero D'Avola and the Sicilian Moscato di Pantelleria DOC, passing through the Vinsanto del Chianti or Tuscan Montepulciano, up to the Gewurztraminer of the South Tyrol. Not only Italian dessert wine: here you can also find delicious foreign sweet wines, from France to Austria.

    Very sweet wine! The best on our site

    Whatever your wishes may be, in this section you will be able to find a very sweet wine for every taste, choosing among the different denominations for example, or the different producers. You will also find award-winning bottles to always drink the best

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