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Negroamaro wine

The prince of Salento is the autochthonous vine that gives its name to the wine of the same name, but also to a good number of Apulian labels. Of distant Greek origin, for many years Negroamaro was used as a blending and export grape, thanks to its characteristics, typical of southern wines, i.e. the very dark and intense color (see the name) and its high alcohol content . For some decades, agronomic and oenological techniques have allowed the extraordinary potential of this and other exuberant grape varieties of the South to emerge, giving us truly extraordinary wines. It adapts well to being combined in very interesting blends with local vines, such as black Malvasia, but also vinified alone, in purity, it gives us products of authentic lineage, with its ruby red color, with almost black reflections, its typical olfactory notes of berries and its intense, round, dry and, of course, slightly bitter taste. Do not forget that, blended with the local black Malvasia, it gives life to splendid rosés, considered the best in Italy. There is no doubt that Negroamaro has become a successful and continuously growing wine.

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Negroamaro: red and rosé wine

The Negroamaro di Puglia wine can be both in the famous ruby red color with black shades, and rosé . They have differences in terms of flavour: if the former has in fact fruity references, tannic in the mouth with a round taste, a characteristic that makes it particularly suitable for meat dishes, but also home-cooked dishes; on the other hand, the rosé has a dry and fresh taste and can also be combined with seafood dishes, such as shellfish.

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