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    There are many authoritative testimonies of the presence of a winemaking tradition in Abruzzo already in antiquity. Viticulture in Abruzzo then experienced a phase of rapid transformation: especially in the last 40-50 years it specialized and, in a very rational way, gradually abandoned the more difficult areas to redistribute itself in the more suitable ones of the coastal hill. Montepulciano is among the most widespread vines and represents more than half of the regional ampelographic base. Cultivated on about 17,000 hectares, with a continuously growing trend (in recent years over 70% of new plantings have been made with this vine), there is certain information about its presence in Abruzzo since the mid-18th century. Then follows the vine from which the Trebbiano d'Abruzzo white wine with about 14 thousand hectares derives, which gives rise to the homonymous DOC, another protagonist of the Abruzzo wine history. The potential of these vines, in terms of quality, is extraordinary: producers of absolute excellence such as Masciarelli, Emidio Pepe, Valentini and others have been able to express this potential and bring these wines to the world as a symbol of Made in Italy excellence. Finally, there are a number of native vines, increasingly valued, such as Passerina and Pecorino. The production areas are mainly concentrated in the hilly area, especially in the Teatino area where 75% of the vineyard area is located; followed by Pescara and Teramo with about 10% each and finally L'Aquila with less than 4%. In addition to the national market, the main reference markets for Abruzzo wines are: Germany (23%), United States (20%) and Canada (10%). The English market and that of Northern European countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Norway are growing strongly, thanks to the extraordinary quality/price ratio of Abruzzo wines.

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