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    Unlike most of the autochthonous Sicilian varieties, Grillo is not an ancient grape : recent genetic analyzes have shown that this variety is the result of a cross between Catarratto and Zibibbo (Moscato di Alessandria). In fact, important agronomic experiments animated the Sicilian universities of the late nineteenth century with the precise aim of defeating the dreaded phylloxera, which was destroying the European wine heritage: Grillo is the result. It is also known by the synonym of Riddu. Grillo is a characteristic vine of the Marsala area and has particular importance in the production of Marsala DOC of which it is one of the most used grapes, often together with Inzolia and Catarratto. Il Grillo had a rapid expansion in Sicily, up to occupy, around the '30s, 60% of the vineyard area of the entire island. The best Marsala is in fact obtained by vinifying Grillo. It is capable of giving wines particularly predisposed to aging, having the vocation to have a high alcohol content. It has a light and brilliant straw yellow colour. Its fruity and citrus aromas integrate with the floral notes of white flowers. On the palate the wine is fresh, well structured with a pleasant, slightly savory and mineral finish. It is a wine that goes best with fish, even raw, and platters of fresh cheeses.

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