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    White of whites

    The term refers to a white wine made from white berried grapes. In the case of Champagne, the wording is authorized for those sparkling wines made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes, the main white grape variety of the Champagne Region. It is a term used (improperly) to describe the characteristics of other sparkling wines, such as Franciacorta, when obtained from white grapes, of the Chardonnay and/or Pinot Bianco type, as it is now part of the world's enological vocabulary. A reference that could create confusion because it was born to describe Champagne, but which in any case, conceptually, can also specify the characteristics of other sparkling wines. This type of wine, obtained from white berried grapes, is characterized by greater delicacy and elegance, as well as marked fruity aromas and greater softness compared to other sparkling wines. They are particularly suitable for elegant aperitifs and with shellfish-based dishes. In Champagne, chardonnay is widespread, with about a third of the vineyard area, and it is mostly found in Cote de Blancs, an area decidedly suited to the cultivation of this vine.

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