Grappa is one of the distillates obtained from marc , i.e. the skin of the grape including the pips, which is the residue of the pressing of wine grapes; the paternity of this product belongs to Italy. The use of a solid material, such as pomace, brings this Italian distillate closer than any other to the alchemical principle that wanted to extract the soul, the quintessence from solid bodies, including gold from metals. It is important to know that the European Regulation 110/08 establishes that the pomace must come exclusively from grapes grown and vinified in Italy. Any other non-Italian pomace distillate is excluded from the Grappa denomination, even if produced within the borders of the State. Today there are Grappas and no longer Grappa. Each one is different for the pomace used in distillation, for the type of alembic used, but above all because the Master Distiller wants it this way. The diversity of the production areas accompany the taster to the discovery of different vines, but also of cultures and traditions that each Italian region offers in the best way in abundance. The definition that best describes grappa is the following: "If wine is the poetry of the earth, grappa is its soul". Whether you prefer it barricaded, dry, to give as a gift or you are looking for the most valuable one, you can find it in this selection.

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