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Nicola Gatta

Nicola Gatta
Region: Lombardy (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 1960
Hectares of vineyards: 6
Annual production: 25,000 bottles
Winemaker: Nicola Gatta
Address: Via S. Rocco, 37 - 25064 Gussago (BS)

Nicola Gatta is a small and particular producer from the eastern area of Franciacorta: he is the son of art because his family began producing wine in 1960, but his arrival in the company overturns every previous canon. Naturally, its flagship product is the Classic Method Sparkling Wine, created following the principles of biodynamic agriculture , with absolutely artisanal processing (with spontaneous fermentations in its own cellar, without any addition of sulphites or artificial modifications of the product). The primary reason behind these radical choices is to be found in Nicola's passion for the surrounding area and the desire to leave it with the maximum expressiveness of character which, through the particular limestone hills that distinguish it, is able to give the grapes a minerality particular and unique. Always in favor of this philosophy, Nicola has chosen not to join the Franciacorta consortium so as not to be limited by the denomination and not to influence what may be the expressive capabilities of his truly unique product; therefore it does not have the Franciacorta docg denomination on the label. Another peculiarity of its sparkling wines lies in the label and, in particular, in the indication of the permanence of the yeasts through the biodynamic method with the unit of time indicated in "moons", also corresponding to approximately 29 days, the passage time between one new moon and another. The entire winery has a vineyard area of approximately six hectares, made up of historic vines that are around thirty years old, mainly cultivated with Chardonnay and a smaller percentage with Pinot Noir. Among the flagship products, we find the Blanc de Blancs, the Rosè and the Blanc de Noirs, all particular wines that fully reflect the character and soul of Nicola, intense, never banal, with citrus and rustic aromas, but characterized by a truly unique and inimitable finesse of the bubble that can give that intrinsic elegance to always surprise and be appreciated.

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