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    The spirit par excellence in the United Kingdom is Scotch Whiskey which is a distillate produced in Scotland with cereals (barley), water and yeast. It is the distillate par excellence as it is sold more than any other noble brandy on markets around the world. The origins of whiskey are lost in time. In all likelihood, the art of distillation was introduced from Ireland to Scotland in the early Middle Ages. Making whiskey is undoubtedly an art: even the slightest mistake in the distillation phase can compromise the entire quality of the distillate. Scotch whisky, by law, must be aged for at least 3 years and optimal maturation is obtained after a few years of ageing. On the market there are also special packages called " cask proof ": these are not diluted and have a high alcohol content, equal to that of the cask, approximately 57% vol. 95% of all whiskey on the market is of the blend type, i.e. a blend of different whiskies, and it is the blender, the master mixer, who takes care of creating the blend by skilfully choosing between strong young whiskeys and complex older whiskeys , creating a new product with a specific personality. Single malt , on the other hand, comes from a single distillery and uses a blend of barley malt only. A fascinating aspect of the world of whiskey is linked to the variety of production areas and, consequently, of labels on the market: the proposal is so vast as to "disorient" even the most assiduous enthusiasts!

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