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Vodka "Chase Rhubarb" Chase Distillery 70 Cl
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Vodka 'Chase Rhubarb' Chase Distillery 70 Cl

Chase Distillery
Data sheet
United Kingdom
Production philosophy
in bottle
Alcoholic content
Alcohol content
Bottle size
70cl bottle
Vinopuro Reference
Vinopuro Reference
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€ 57,10
DELUXE Gift Box of 1 bottle
DELUXE Gift Box of 1 bottle
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Recommended glass
Vodka Goblet
The best shape for a Vodka glass is narrow, more flared at the end: this allows the intense aromas to flow towards the nose, without undergoing modifications due to the environment.
Serving temperature
2-6 °C
Vodka Chase Rhubarb, from the Chase Distillery, was born in the heart of the English countryside, precisely in the Herefordshire area. Here William Chase founded his own distillery, based on principles such as respect for the environment, eco-sustainability, the fusion of innovative techniques and teachings of the past. Surrounded by nature, the company is located in an old granary and is well known in the panorama of the production of distillates: its Vodka, moreover, has a peculiarity that can be immediately connected to the name of the distillery, namely the use of potatoes instead of cereals . Distinguished by a deep and velvety body, the Vodka Chase Rhubarb is so called by the dominant scent, precisely that of rhubarb. The raw materials are carefully selected and processed with classic tools, such as copper stills, which make the final result even more intense. The distillation process is divided into four phases: this is aimed at blending the flavors together perfectly, giving life to a harmonious and well-balanced liqueur. Truly a surprising vodka, ideal to enjoy on its own or as a refined base for some particular cocktail.
Producer "Chase Distillery"
Chase Distillery
Region: United Kingdom
Foundation year: 2008
Address: Rosemaund Farm Hereford HR1 3PG
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