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Larmandier Bernier

Larmandier Bernier
Region: Champagne region (France)
Year of foundation: 1971
Hectares of vineyards: 16
Annual production: 130,000 bottles
Winemaker: Pierre Larmandier
Address: 19 Avenue du Général de Gaulle - 51130 Vertus (France)

Pierre Larmandier left Paris in 1988 to return to his native town, Vertus in the Vallé de la Marne, and to continue the family wine business, with the help of his mother Elisabeth Bernier and his wife Sophie. Larmandier Bernier is a maison that has embraced the philosophy of biodynamic agriculture and therefore has made the natural and sustainable approach in the vineyard and cellar the strong point and the fundamental prerequisite for the production of high-level, expressive and territorial champagnes. The Larmandier Bernier vineyards today amount to 16 hectares, mostly cultivated with Chardonnay and scattered, as well as Vertus, in the Grand Crus of Cramant, Choully, Avize and Orger. The average age of the plants exceeds 40 years of age and this is a very important added value; furthermore, Pierre's work is aimed at containing yields per hectare and allowing the roots to penetrate into the depths of the soil. Since 2004, following the principles of biodynamic agriculture, Larmandier no longer uses synthetic chemical products either in the vineyard or in the cellar. Pierre believes a lot in the balance of nature, in the natural defenses of plants and the natural preparations he uses follow precisely these principles, as well as a natural harmonization between earth, man and cosmos. Larmandier Bernier's Champagnes have a style based on territoriality and purity, thanks to zero or very low sugar dosages (in the post-disgorgement phase) and the choice to let the most typical characteristics of the grapes from its territory express themselves, such as the strong minerality. They are wines that all arise from spontaneous fermentations, in wooden and steel containers, and with refermentations in the bottle that are triggered with the help of only indigenous yeasts. Pierre Larmandier expresses himself this way to describe his way of working: "we leave the terroir free to express itself".

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