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    We present the best white wines of our online wine shop. A type of wine that binds to situations, emotions, desires, and even very different gastronomic pairings. Here we play more on finesse, elegance, lightness, to satisfy needs and moments that are just as suitable. Also in this case, the production of this type of wine is widespread everywhere and can reach astonishing levels of quality, even if someone thinks otherwise.

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    Enthusiasts of the world of wine are often clearly divided: lovers of red wines (who celebrate them on every occasion) and lovers of whites (equally convinced). In reality, comparisons cannot be made: every situation, every state of mind, and also every dish, requires an appropriate wine which, not necessarily, must always have the same color.

    White wine: pairings, variety of tastes and sensations

    The great Gewuerztraminer or Riesling d'Alsace, for example, so long-lived and particular; or the great Chardonnay of Montrachet in Burgundy: And when we mention Italian wines we cannot forget the great autochthonous wines of "our house": the Piedmontese Arneis, the Friulian Ribolla , the Verdicchio from the Marches, the Greco and the Campanian Fiano, the Sardinian Vermentino or the Sicilian Grillo, just to name a few. So let us seduce ourselves by the versatility of white wines , their colours, their aromas and their flavours, so different and so exciting.

    Given the huge variety of wines, there isn't a single option for pairing. Aromatic white wines such as  Gewürztraminer are combined with fish or even with boiled meat; a dry wine like Vermentino is ideal with seafood; for cheeses an acidic wine is preferred, which also goes well with shellfish. There are also white dessert wines such as Malvasia.

    White wine: how the production takes place

    The white wine is obtained from both black and white berried grapes; this process is called white winemaking . To obtain the typical colour, after destemming, the must (the noble part) must be drained. Through this process the skins and seeds are separated from the liquid part, before the fermentation phase starts. In this way the skins do not leave the substances which give colour, as opposed to what happens with red wines.

    Fine white wines: the best bottles from Vinpouro

    Are you looking for the best white wine to make a great impression for a gift to a friend? In this section of Vinopuro you will be able to find the fine white wine by choosing from the different bottles by selecting the filters that will find you a good white wine based on the producers and the awards won.

    The best Italian and foreign white wines: discover the Vinopuro offer

    From Veneto to Piedmont, passing through Lazio and Liguria, in this section you will find the most renowned Italian fine white wines , but also excellent quality discoveries. You will also find a good white wine from any country in the world, not only France and Spain, but also Germany, Slovenia, Argentina and the United States.

    White wines DOC, DOCG: all quality denominations

    Do you want to play it safe by buying a guaranteed bottle? On this page you will find what you are looking for, from DOC to DOCG white wine.

    At Vinopuro the best white wines on a special offer!

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