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Region: Trentino (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 1950
Annual production: 650,000 bottles
Winemaker: Anselmo Martini, Paolo Turra, Fabrizio Marinconz, Guido Mattiello
Address: Cantina Altemasi, Via del Ponte, 33 - 38123 Ravina (TN)

Altemasi, mountain sparkling wines. Thus we could summarize the meaning of the Altemasi brand which belongs to CAVIT, a consortium including 10 cooperative wineries in Trentino, known for several decades for the production of high-altitude and high-quality sparkling wines. The name Altemasi means "high farms, located at high altitude" and this already gives an idea of the type of viticulture, undoubtedly heroic, which is practiced by the "contributors", i.e. the members of the wineries. For more than sixty years the Consortium has supported producers in the creation of quality wines, through specialized viticulture, which is best suited to the difficulties caused by the slope of the vineyards, with the help of bodies such as the renowned Agricultural Institute of San Michele All 'Adige (Edmund Mach Foundation). And this is also reflected in the ecological objective of handing over an intact and healthy territory to future generations, preserving biodiversity and native vines through the use of techniques with reduced environmental impact and great energy savings. The favorite grapes are Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, harvested exclusively by hand, which grow from the plains of Alto Adige to the peaks of Brenta. These favorable elements give rise to labels with a unique personality, enriched by long rests on their yeasts. Altemasi wines are characterized by the great elegance of the bubbles, by their complexity and by the intensity that distinguishes their tasting. Certainly the Brut Riserva “Graal” is the flagship label, the result of long refinements that produce a very fine perlage, intense and complex notes, while the Brut has a fresher and more everyday character. Pas Dosè is the sparkling wine that best responds to the characteristics of the territory and tradition, a clean, precise, sharp, vertical sparkling wine like the rugged slopes that host its grapes.

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