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    It is the most cultivated Sardinian black grape variety in Sardinia; it is closely related to the French Grenache and the Spanish Alicante. A rustic vine resistant to environmental adversities. Not many people know that there are different types: Red, Rosé, Riserva, Dry Fortified and Sweet Fortified. Clearly, the best known is the red one. The wines produced in Sardinia with the Cannonau vine generally have an important colour, aroma and structure. They are also characterized by a usually rather important alcohol content. It is a grape capable of giving elegant reds, but also suitable for ageing. It is perfect in combination with traditional Sardinian meat dishes, such as roast suckling pig (porceddu), kid or lamb, but also cheeses, especially if tasty and seasoned such as, for example, the classic Sardinian pecorino.

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    Sardinian Cannonau wine: a vine from an extraordinary land

    Cannonau is a local black grape variety, typical of Sardinia, which officially entered the National Catalog of vine varieties in 1970. From the Cannonau vine we obtain a warm and fruity wine on the palate and with a red colour, of which there are some DOCs and DOC subzones, such as the Cannonau di Sardegna DOC wine .

    Cannonau wine: special offers and convenient prices

    If you are looking for a good red Cannonau, on this page of Vinopuro you will find a wide selection of wines, including DOC wines, such as Cannonau di Sardegna: cut prices and convenient discounts to allow you to find the best at an affordable price.

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