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    It is a historic production area (in the province of Verona) between Lake Garda and the province of Vicenza: it is full of valleys and hills which share very important climatic and geological aspects for the cultivation of vines. Valpolicella wines are characterized by the use of autochthonous grapes: among the most famous we find Corvina, always present in the blend of "Valpolicella" wines and gives structure and body to the wine. Rondinella, on the other hand, is particularly important for the contribution of color it manages to ensure to the wine. The third is the Molinara grape, also called salted grape. The wines produced in the area are essentially four: the "base" Valpolicella , everyday, easy to drink, light; in the "Superior" version sees a greater structure and therefore an aging in wooden barrels. Ripasso , which with the special homonymous technique, undergoes a second brief fermentation together with the skins of the dried grapes, used for Amarone , which give it intensity, structure, strength and a lot of softness. Wine increasingly appreciated for its value for money. Then we find the famous Amarone, where the best grapes are left to dry in special rooms, concentrating sugars and aromas. It is then aged in wooden barrels for at least two years. The alcohol content is 15-16 degrees and above. It's a full-bodied, yet elegant wine that can age for decades in your cellar. It is classified among the most important Italian wines. And dulcis in fundo, it is appropriate to say, the Recioto . Like Amarone, it is made with grapes that have undergone a drying process, but by means of a shorter fermentation it has a higher sugar content. It is a sweet, refined, intense wine, perfect to accompany desserts, especially chocolate-based ones, and cheeses.

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