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    Champagne magnum

    In Champagne, the 1.5 liter format is normally represented by the so-called champagnotta bottle which takes its name from the Latin "magnus", meaning large. The Magnum bottle is much more widespread than other large formats as it allows mechanized bottling; the latter, on the other hand, are usually filled by decanting. In addition, the larger formats of Magnums also have a larger neck diameter, requiring special caps. Large-format bottles generally allow for better aging of the wine and the Magnum bottle is the perfect prototype: it has a double capacity compared to the standard bottle and therefore a smaller quantity of oxygen comes into contact with the wine due to the fact that the diameter The Magnum's neck is the same as that of a regular bottle. Furthermore, the effect of light on the wine is less in a Magnum, which has a lower surface/volume ratio, so the wine inside is better protected. The Magnum bottle also facilitates the decantation of the wine, i.e. the more homogeneous and complete precipitation of any residues inside the wine. All this allows a slower refinement of the Champagne and a better development of the organoleptic characteristics of the product itself.

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