Cognac is part of the wine distillates , with a designation of origin (AOC appellation d'origine controllee), produced in the area of the municipality of the same name of Cognac, north of Bordeaux. In 1909, a first production specification was drawn up containing, among the first of its kind, the precise authorized areas; this was necessary to block the proliferation of imitations, linked to the name on the label to recall, by assonance, the cognac itself. The foresight of the French in protecting and safeguarding excellent products is proverbial and cognac was no exception. Champagne and Armagnac are other examples of the protection of excellent products, protected by unique denominations and specific regulations. The first distillation of cognac dates back to around the year 1549, while the cultivation of the vineyard is decidedly older and dates back to the foundation of the Benedictine abbey of Fontdouce, in 1111. The vines, for the production of wine to be distilled for produce cognac, they are exclusively white berried and the main one is Ugni Blanc , which covers 90% of the vineyard area. This vine is a clone of our Trebbiano. The cognac production areas were traced in 1938 and are: Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies, Fins Bois, Bons Bois, Bois Ordinaires. These six zones are arranged in concentric circles around the towns of Cognac and Jarnac. The cognac must undergo, to be regulated, at least 25 months of aging in wooden barrels: this long period of maturation in wood contributes to the exceptional refinement of the final product, excellent to be enjoyed straight to better appreciate its typical warm and velvety touch.

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