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    Nero d'Avola

    It is really curious that until a few years ago Nero d'Avola was called Calabrese, not because it came from Calabria, but because in the local dialect it means "from Avola". It is certainly the best-known wine/grape on the island and the one that has decreed its winemaking success, both nationally and internationally. It is cultivated everywhere, except in the Etna area, where Nerello Mascalese reigns. As happened with other southern vines, for centuries it was exported as a blending grape to give strength and color to wines from Northern Italy and Northern Europe, but today, thanks to new agronomic and enological technologies, it has found its precise and excellent place in the national wine scene. Its organoleptic characteristics are recognizable: it is an important but velvety red, with depth, but not explosive, which gives us splendid aromas of Mediterranean scrub, earth and eucalyptus. Naturally there are differences according to the production area, but the typical varietal note of Nero d'Avola is the spiciness which is evident both on the nose and in the mouth. The Sicilian prince, par excellence.

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    Nero d'Avola wines: among the excellences of Sicily

    Nero d'Avola is one of the most important vines of the Sicily Region from which some of the most important wines of the area are produced: from the black berried grapes derives a red wine, with a fruity and spicy flavor on the palate, while it has a tannic body.

    Nero d'Avola: affordable prices and quality bottles

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