Armagnac competes, with whiskey , for the primacy of oldest distillate in the world; as a reference period we are around the fifteenth century. The inhabitants of this region however are keen to underline that this area of south-western France has borders which curiously recall the shape of a vine leaf, further demonstrating its enological vocation. Armagnac is obtained with a single distillation, starting from a base wine composed of a melange of white wines, with a prevalence of Ugni Blanc grapes (our Trebbiano di Romagna). The distillate is then left to rest in local black oak barrels, where it is refined and enriched with tannic and aromatic substances. When the aging is finished, the cuts begin, i.e. the assembly of the different distillates, both by origin and by age. Armagnac, known since the Middle Ages for its therapeutic virtues, asserted itself during the 16th century, becoming a real consumer product. In 1909 the "doc" of this brandy was created and today it is sold in 130 countries around the world.

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