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    Fortified wine 

    The best liqueur wines offered here are a very special category, almost always sweet wines (Marsala Vergine is not) and therefore paired with desserts (some are excellent with dark chocolate) or after a meal (the so-called meditation"). Fortified wine has an ancient history: traditionally the purpose of fortification (i.e. the addition of alcohol or the like) was to make the wines storable during long ship journeys, from the place of production to the final destination (generally England): in fact, this technique gives practically unlimited longevity (many tens of years). Among the best known liqueur wines we mention Port, Madeira, Sherry and Vermouth (in addition it is also flavored with herbs). Among Italian wines , the most important fortified wine is certainly Marsala. A particular invitation, therefore, to conclude a meal with a truly exciting wine.

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    Fortified red wine and more

    If you want a wide but at the same time quality choice, you can find it on our site: not only red wines to enjoy and sip with gusto, but also many liqueur white wines, renowned for their flavour. You can find every type of fortified wine, from Marsala DOC, a true Italian classic, as well as Etruscan Vermouth, to Madeira, Sherry and much more!

    Italian and foreign liqueur wines: only the best

    There are some fortified wines that are by now real prides for many Italian regions: among the Sicilian wines we cannot fail to mention the Marsala DOC and the Zibibbo or the Barolo Chinato for Piedmont, or even the Etruscan Vermouth for Tuscany. But equally famous and above all good are the wines of foreign origin, such as Spanish Sherry or Portuguese Port or Madeira.

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