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    Semi Sparkling wines 

    Semi Sparkling wines are a particular category of wines, located (in terms of production) in specific wine areas, for example Oltrepò Pavese, Piacentino, Emilia and some areas of Veneto, speaking of Italian wines . The fundamental differences compared to a sparkling wine are related to the pressure of the bubble inside the bottle (which in a semi sparkling wine is about half, or about 3 atmospheres) and the method of production of the bubble itself, much simpler, faster and cheaper than a complete sparkling wine method. Lambrusco , Ortrugo, Bonarda are the best known Italian semi sparkling wines, but of course there are many others. They are all united by the same fragrance, freshness, ease of drinking. They are certainly not wines for long aging and should be consumed mainly when young, within a year of the harvest date. Wonderful in combination with dishes of the respective local traditions.

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    Semi Sparkling red wines: not only Lambrusco

    The variety of wines on offer is really wide and you can find bottles of all kinds and so on this page you can also choose the red semi sparkling wine you prefer: not just the classic  Lambrusco, a classic of the Italian food and wine tradition, but also Gutturnio DOC, Brechetto D'Aqui DOCG, Barbera and much, much more.

    Semi Sparkling white wine, clear and with bubbles

    Not only reds, here you can also find lots of semi sparkling white wines , to give more effervescence to the table. Quality grapes and producers of the highest level.

    Natural semi sparkling wine: the best on our site

    Whatever type of semi sparkling wine you are looking for, you can find it on our site based on the filters and the different selections: if you are looking for an Italian semi sparkling wine , in this section there are many denominations from our country and abroad; you can choose from the various producers, but also the most awarded bottles and much more.

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