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    Aglianico wine

    Also this vine, typical of southern Italy, has distant Greek roots and finds 2 areas of choice apparently distant from each other, but united by volcanic and hilly soils: Vulture , in Basilicata, and Irpinia, in Campania, in two areas known as the Taurasi and the Taburno . It is a difficult vine to cultivate and initially produces very rough wines, which are then softened and smoothed by a wise use of wooden barrels, therefore they are wines predisposed to aging and very long -lived. The Aglianico red wine is excellent: extremely elegant, structured, tannic, full-bodied and suitable for defying the years. The fact that it has character and a very high sugar concentration and is very long-lived could lead to the hypothesis that it is a close relative of the mythical Falerno, the vine/wine of antiquity. Its color is purple when young, but over the years it tends to ruby and then to garnet with orange reflections. On the nose, the fruity note is warm, enveloping with cherries and even more ripe tones of plums. There is no shortage of spicy notes. The intensity, variety and persistence are outstanding. A high acidity is immediately perceived in the mouth, but over time it softens and the same goes for the tannins. The alcoholic component is often important. Perfect for grilled meat, baked lasagna, risotto with truffles, polenta with meat sauce, grilled meat; beef fillet with porcini mushrooms; in short, structure and intensity to spare !

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    Red Aglianico wine and more

    Aglianico is a wine known above all for its extraordinary reds, which can be combined in an exceptional way with very substantial dishes, but there are also alternatives, for example excellent sparkling wines , with which to conclude a meal in a perfect way. In this section you can also find wines produced with rosé Aglianico grapes.

    Best Aglianico: wine for sale at Vinopuro

    If you are looking for the best Aglianico, in this section of Vinopuro you will find a wide selection of bottles from the best wineries: award-winning wines of the highest quality.

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