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Paul Clouet

Paul Clouet
Region: Champagne region (France)
Address: 1 place André Tritant, 51150 Bouzy, France

The adventure of the Paul Clouet winery began in the early 1900s when grandfather Paul moved to a small village south of the Montagne de Reims, in Bouzy, in the Champagne area considered the homeland of Pinot Noir par excellence which here has the Grand Cru classification; we are a short distance from Chouilly, the kingdom of Cote des Blancs and Chardonnay, also a Grand Cru (100%). A prestigious recognition, this, which is given only to territories that produce high quality grapes. In these places, so rich and important for the growth of precious vines, Marie Thérèse Clout Bonnaire continued her grandfather Paul's activity with love and dedication, on a 6-hectare vineyard in the southern part of Reims, right inside the Grand Bouzy Cru. Here, mainly Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and, in smaller quantities, Chardonnay are grown. Every year around 60,000 bottles of Champagne are produced for six labels, each of which strongly expresses the character and personality of this corner of France. Originally, in these areas of Champagne, red and white wines were produced so good that they soon earned the favor of King Louis XIV. The favorable microclimate and a chalky terroir contribute to generating precious grapes with limited production which during the harvest are harvested by hand with extreme attention to each individual grape. Bouzy and Chouilly are important territories and universally recognized as the chosen homeland of Champagne. Among the products of the Paul Clouet winery, the Champagne Brut Gran Cru and the Champagne Brut Rosè stand out, truly excellent sparkling wines.

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