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Egly Ouriet

Egly Ouriet
Region: Champagne region (France)
Year of foundation: 1948
Hectares of vineyards: 14
Annual production: 100,000 bottles
Winemaker: Francis Egly
Address: 13, Rue Trepail - 51150 Ambonnay

A small jewel cellar that of Egly Ouriet which, coincidentally, is based in Ambonnay, in the "Montagne de Reims", the kingdom of Pinot Noir, one of the most suitable areas in the entire Champagne region. This Maison was founded towards the end of the 1940s by Charles Egly, who in those years bought 3 hectares of vineyard in the "grand cru" of Ambonnay. Over the years, this small Maison has expanded its domaine to the current 8 hectares in the municipalities of Ambonnay, Bouzy and Verzenay, to which 3 hectares have recently been added located in the municipality of Vrigny, brought by his wife to the current owner Francis, who he also wanted to add his wife Ouriet's surname to the name of the Maison. In these vineyards Pinot Noir is produced, approximately 75% of the total product, and Chardonnay, which is used for blending, for the remaining 25%, while Pinot Meunier is produced in the Vrigny vineyard. It is also nice to remember that the Egly Ouriet maison was the first to produce a pure Champagne from this grape!
Francis is the grandson of the founder of the Maison and with patience, dedication and great ability he has been able to bring production to the highest levels of quality, also favored by the characteristics of a truly suitable territory, which offers a relatively mild climate and absolutely particular soil. These lands, calcareous and rich in chalky layers, retain solar heat during the day to return it to the vineyards during the night and, furthermore, guarantee optimal drainage for the vines. The company has a strong sensitivity for the defense and protection of the environment: the care of the vineyards is entrusted to the agronomist Claude Bourguignon, who follows the dictates of agriculture that is as sustainable, natural and ecological as possible, with an almost absolute ban of use of herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. All cuvées rest for at least three years in the cellar before being put on the market, and the sugar dosage after disgorgement is always the bare minimum. Hence the creation of excellent champagnes, which speak of terroir and complexity, expressing themselves at sometimes unattainable levels of quality. From Brut Tradition to Blanc de Noirs “Les Vignes de Vrigny”, from “Les Crayères” to vintage wines, to end with the precious Coteaux Champenois Rouge “Cuvée des Grands Côtes”, they are all labels with an irresistible charm, capable of conquering from the first sipped by the most demanding enthusiasts.

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