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Chenin Blanc

It is a truly extraordinary French vine , originally from the Loire Valley . Its second homeland is South Africa, where it has even surpassed France in terms of cultivation area and is also the most widespread white berried variety in the country. Chenin Blanc is characterized by a high level of acidity, which makes it very versatile: it is in fact suitable for vinification both as a dessert wine, but also as a passito and "moldy" wine and it is also made into a sparkling wine with excellent results, it is in fact the basis of Cremant de Loire sparkling wines; in the still white wine version, it is intense and structured, and is often aged in small wooden barrels (rare, for a white wine). The bouquet of Chenin Blanc is very charming, honey and straw are the most typical aromas, with very evident and typical notes of apples. On the palate it is a fresh, honeyed wine, full of flowers and minerals, with a tenacious structure, important acid strength, but great pleasantness.

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